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About "Advo Diary"

"Advo Diary" is a vision, Basically we started this Service with keep in mind to solve a Case management problem, decentralize data, Hardship of diffrent aspect of law field. We want to provide a sollution to Law practionaer with that he/she can focus on productive detail of their work, and can leave time consuming non creative, non productive tasks to our automated service.
we thought of "open source" this product but we are team of few youngester and we support this project after our 9 to 7 jobs, so we basically charge minimal possible amount to users so we can afford the server and other resources we needed.
we will adjust pricing to user every month based on revenue generated and expenses report. we would love to see every Advocate in india using Advo diary.

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Our Services

Case Diary

1) case Management
2) Client Management
3) Daily Board
4) Firm - Advocate and Cases Management
5) Reporting

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For Firms

1) Manage Firm, Branch and Advocates
2) Manage Cases and History
3) Daily Board
4) User Wise Restriction
5) Reporting

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Upcoming Features

1) Income Expense Module
2) Can Manage Case Wise Income-Expense
3) Can Project Advocat Wise Revenue
4) Can Project Daily Board Graph
any Many More
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Alert and Announcement

Soon we are Launching SMS Alert and Email Alert, for Dedicated Professional who want to stay ahead of competation.
we will also provide some features where advocate of firm can select alert their Defendant in advance.

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Legal Forum

We are beinging a forum where advocate and Defendent (an individual, company, or institution sued or accused in a court of law.) can communicate, also Lawer, Law Student can ask questions to Senior Lawer and Judges and get a authantic answer of their questions. We welcome any idea, suggestion from you, and we are happy to hear.

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We are working on No Profit Basis, so we charge Less to our users, If you want to Advertise with us, We are happy to Advertise your product on our site on following condition.
1) Your product must be Useful for Law Professionals.
2) Your company must not have same product as we have.
3) Your Product must be professional Build. (product with poor coding and bugs will be rejected)
4) We will Accept Advertisnment with Proper Professional Design,and must not have mis Leading Info, Hate Speech ot content, offensive image or words, and must of a Genuine High Quality Design.

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Features of Advo Diary

Single Advocate

1) Case Management (Unlimited Cases)
2) Daily Board
3) Client Management
4) Court and Judge Master
5) Case Detail Report
5) Hearing Date Wise Summary
5) Attach Document (200 MB Limit per User)
5) 1 Login User Account.
6) Reporting

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Firms Can Achieve From Advo Diary

1) Case Management (Unlimited Cases)
2) Daily Board - User Wise (Seperate Daily Board for Every Advocate in Firm)
3) Client Management
4) Court and Judge Master
5) Case Detail Report
5) Hearing Date Wise Summary
5) Attach Document (1 GB For Small Firm, 5 GB for Large Firm, Specialized Space Available on Additional cost)
5) 10 Login User Account for Small Firm, 10+ to unlimited Account for Big Firm.
6) Can Manage Many Braches and Location.
7) Firm Wise - Branch wise - Advocate Wise Management Console.
8) Cloud Hosted, Available in Any Device with Internet connection.
9) Reporting

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Advo Diary - Android App

Our Affordable Pricing for Advocate. for Firm Rates are Diffrent.


Rs 300 / Month

  • Single Advocate
  • Unlimited Cases
  • 200 MB attachment Free


Rs 1650 / for 6 Month

  • Single Advocate
  • Unlimited Cases
  • 200 MB attachment Free


Rs 3,000 / Year

  • Single Advocate
  • Unlimited Cases
  • 200 MB attachment Free

Ultimate (for Firm)

Rs ???? / Month

  • Up to 20 Users
  • Unlimited Cases
  • 24*7 support
  • 4 GB of Attachment Free

Frequently Aksed Questions

01. Details About CaseDiary.com, Basics

Dear Sir, Advo Diary is designed so it can server Firm as Well as Single User. you can Register as Firm, and then can Create Login ID for your Intern or collegue.
Dear Sir, yes sure you can add as many cases as you want, with much details, we also provide you reports for case details with hearing date history and summary of each hearing date.
Dear sir, Advo Diary is Designed that way that Single Firm Multiple Location with Multiple Advocates can manage. but by Default we restrict Multiple Location Option off, we have special package for multi city firm, we would like to help you in setting up your advo diary, please contact on our given number.

02. Features and Requests

Dear sir, Right now you can check your daily board by just login to Advo Diary, on Deskboard you will see today's Case board, our team is working on SMS alert of Daily Board and we will soon let you inform as soon as SMS alert also Email Alert service will be Live.
Yes Sure Sir, please do as following Steps :
  • Step 1. Register with "Admin Account" (Account used to create Firm)
  • Step 2. then "Add User"
  • Step 3. Go to Add Case and in Selection of Advocate select Specific Advocate you want to assign that case.
  • Please note: User Advocate can see only cases that are assigned to him/her, while Admin user can see All the cases in firm.
Dear sir, we are happy to provide you such facility, we have note your requirement and will try to provide you this feature as soon as possible. thanking you again for such valuable advise.
Dear sir, please let us know the type of Report you want and exact detail and format you want, if we found that report will be useful to our other customer we will provide you report without any furhter delay.
Dear sir, I checked into your request, please note following crucial steps. without previous step, you cannot continue to next step, we found that you didn't add "Court Complex Master"
  • Step 1. Login / Register as firm/Advocate
  • Step 2. go to Master Menu on your Left, then click "court complex Master. (this is Basic court type)
  • Step 3. Go to Court Master and select Court Complex and fill other details.
  • Step 4. Go to Master Then Client Master, Fill Client Details.
  • Step 5. Go to Case Master, Fill All the necessary case details.
  • Well congratulations, you just register your first case, you will get alert on deshBoard when the hearing date of purticular case occured.

03. FAQ

Dear user, right now we have no upper restriction on number of cases a user/firm can add. please feel free to add as many cases as you want.
Dear sir, we just launched Attachment option to Next Hearing date, you can add attachment to specific case when you click on next hearing date submit, soon it will be available to its seperate menu.
Please note: we have strict 1 GB Max data limit per client, we Allow 1 GB of total attachment size a fir/User wise, yes you can get more size, for that please contact our support team.

04. Feature Request

Dear mem, We are working on Sms & Email Alert sollution, but please note that SMS && Email Alert service will be chargable seperate that package price.
Dear sir, yes you can manage you income as well as Expenses you have done on Any cases, "Income-Expense" module is ready and will be available to you in very short time, in which you can track of you Expenses and Fees details of any purticular case.

05. FAQ - Reports

Dear sir, your request is registered with our development team, and we will let you know as soon as report will be available, thank you for your valuable feedback.
Dear sir, your report requirement is registered with our developmenet team, and will provide you such report as soon as possible.

06. FAQ about Advo Diary

Dear sir, we have goal to provide Advo Diary to as many advocate as possible with no or less cost, we are operating on very little profit margin so every advocate can have this service with little impact on their pocket.

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